Initiative by Kementerian Sumber Manusia

Working For Workers (WFW) is a Digital Channel for all employees in Malaysia either local or foreign to have access to grievance mechanisms that allow them to voice concerns without fear of punishment or retribution. This grievance mechanism channel also serves to channel conflict into an institutionalized mechanism for a peaceful resolution. It facilitates communication between workers and management and the Government regarding problems that arise and enable workers to complain with dignity, knowing that there is a system of appeals leading to an impartial decision-maker. Finally, they help employers ensure that their staff is complying with company standards on ethical conduct.

WFW is also a channel for workers to provide feedback on company practices and workplace issues – particularly those directly impacting workers’ employment concerns and welfare and those relating to social responsibility standards. WFW as a robust grievance mechanism will allow employers to have a stronger, more stable workforce and allow potential disruptive risks to be identified early. This can save employers time and money. It can also improve morale and protect against reputational and legal risk.

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How Working For Workers (WFW) Can Assist You?

Working For Workers (WFW) assists you because it is:

  1. An established procedures that is easy to understand
  2. A mechanism that ensures your confidentiality
  3. A mechanism for Government to follow-up on reported grievances that is communicated to you
  4. A mechanism that allows you to report grievances to relevant Government agencies
  5. A mechanism for you to monitor the status of complaints


Available on Android and iOS

The WFW Platform is accessible via your mobile, and ready to be installed from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Fast & Accurate

The WFW Platform acts as a platform that allows employees to make complaints quickly and accurately at their fingertips at any time. WFW works for you in a fast and accurate manner.

Dashboard & Reporting

All reported grievances are recorded and monitored for the actions to be taken through Dashboard and Reporting.